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Market Stats / September 2021

Market Stats Austin Texas / September 2021

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Highlights For September Home Sales

Total sales are down over Sep 2020

Appreciation remains strong with most numbers showing +25% to +30% YOY price gains. Homes are still moving quickly with a median of 7 days on market for the city and the 

What does this mean?

September appreciation numbers are very similar to August. 

With 4-7 months of consistent pricing data,  pricing properties is no longer difficult for Listing Agents. 

And, We’re continuing to see a return to normal market seasonality. However, September 2021 was noticeably stronger in sales volume than the “normal” pre-covid market in 2019, which is the first indicator that our “new normal” will be stronger than the pre-covid market.

If you're a Buyer:

  • The fall and winter markets almost always provide buying opportunities. 
  • There is generally less competition. 
  • The downside is that there are less homes to choose from. 
  • If you’re a buyer, it makes sense to continue your search in the fall with the understanding that it will be easier to purchase a home if you can find a great home that works for you. 
  • We expect to see more homes hit the market in the early spring.

If you're a Seller

  • The fall and winter months are almost always tougher for Sellers. 
  • Homes do sell and pricing remains strong, but it’s a different experience than sellers saw only a few months ago. 
  • While we do see many multiple offers, they are not guaranteed. 
  • If you’re a Seller, it makes sense to keep your home on the market in the fall. Don’t forget, people buy homes all year-round!

All of that said, as we continue to move through the 4th quarter of 2021… real estate is hyperlocal and hyper-situational so please reach out to me  if you have questions over your specific market or situation. 

I would absolutely love to help you find that next place to call home.

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